Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What the future will be like?

Have you ever dared to think how the next generation will be? How the world in general will be in 50 or 100 years from now? Well, having in our minds the problems we all face in our everyday lives the future may not be as optimistic as we want it to seem. Let me tell you how I see it. The underdeveloped countries will end up being even more poor and people there will go through financial problems. More kids suffering from diseases and dying from starvation. Everything will get worst. Countries that face serious economic crisis like Greece and Italy won't manage to limit it at all. They will owe more and live under bad conditions. The developed countries will get even stronger making more money and living in wealth, which is truthfully unfair for everyone else. These countries will take advantage of the poor ones and try to make more out of exploitation. People will be isolated from each other and sad. No one will even care about their neighbors and they will be right. They have their own problems to deal with they don't have time for others. They have a family to take care of and no money at all. So let me give you an example. Let's pretend that there is a family leaving in Greece facing unemployment. Dad was currently fired because his employer couldn't pay him back. Mom works in a shop which has no clients at all. Their daughter has to finish high school with good grades to get a job as soon as she can and their little baby son is really young and needs all the facilities that the family can give him. In 10 years from now the two parents won't have a job and no income having 2 children. The daughter is now abroad working as a waitress and sending money to her family and the son can't go to extra-curricular exercises because the family cannot afford them. And because I know what you are thinking this is the best case of all. Some families don't have the basic staff such as food and electric devises. People lives' will going to change and it's extremely hard to do something right now. We may not get to see these changes but our children or our grand-children will live under these kind of circumstances. Well, it's better to understand how our future life will be early to be prepared for all that. However what can we actually do right now to avoid these changes? This article was not written to make you pessimistic but to raise public awareness. Get into action. Think about your future and do the best choices. Try to get a good job and be a happy person because that's the only way we can deal with the daily problems. Stop complaining and being miserable and do something. We are all here to make a change and lead our planet to the right way. Do not pretend like you never read this article. If you are smart enough you will understand the importance of this text. Whatever your opinion is, thank you for your time☺

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