Thursday, June 2, 2016

A or B?? You can't decide??

How can you manage to have everything in life?? How can you do more than one thing at the same time and do it perfect? Is it possible? Or you will just fail at all these things and get absolutely nothing? What I am trying to say, is that when you are between two streets A and B can you choose both? Well, many people have this kind of dilemma at their everyday lives. So there are more than two choices in reality. So you would go either with A or B. However, I just said that choosing both is an option or choosing nothing is also an option. But, I have to say that by leaving your problem as it is and running away is not always the best bet. So we are left with A, B and C. Given the choice C the things are always more confusing because you are deciding to do both A and B. For example, someone who is likely to go with C he will eventually fail at A, B or both! There will always be the other choices where you combine A and B by choosing one option and getting points of the other. This may seem like C, but it's totally different. In this kind of case(I will just name it D) you are eager to go with A or B but you want some points of the other, so you make a unique option which has only the good points of both A and D. So, if you think twice, D is ideal choice for you. You cannot actually base at choice D because let's deal with it, in the world that we are leaving now, it happens to be either A or B. Human beings are not yet ready to combine things. Maybe they get confused or maybe someone is warning us that combining things is not what we are looking for. Maybe it's a challenge, and maybe there is not right or wrong. Maybe it's up to you to find the most appealing option and stick with it.

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