Thursday, February 18, 2016

These small moments...

There are these small moments in our lives which have been really unique for different reasons. However, they may not be all happy but we could never say that we don't need them. We need sad moments to make happy days even happier. We need to get angry to make our apologies more substantial. We need these small moments to remind us that life is challenging and that it's up to us to never give up. Although you may not enjoying something now, sometime, in the future you will have a deeply understanding about the times you have lived.

Nevertheless, this was not why I wrote this article. It is not my purpose to remind you of something undesirable or make you moved. I want to make you understand that you should enjoy life, even though it may be hard sometimes. You should not take anything for granted and you should thank the people that are with you NOW. Your life has more to offer you than you think. So enjoy every moment and especially the one's that are send to you for a special reason. I want to make you feel like you own this world. So go ahead and smile. Stop being here. Go out. Take a walk. Life is full of adventures. Everyday you wake up go out and take a deep breath. The sun is shining for you. You should thank God for giving you these blessed moments. You should hug the people that you care about. You should be kind. You should leave the way you want. Do what you like today. Do anything that will make you smile. And do not ever let anyone burst your bubble. Follow your dreams and make them come true. But live today! Tomorrow is something new and unexpected. Do not follow a program. Live your life.

Do something now. Do not let this article go away. Do the change and make a difference. I am not trying to be inspirational or something just to say what I feel it's right. I don't know if you agree with me or not but just give it a try. Think all these moments that are unforgettable to you and keep them tight in the special box you have which is called "heart".

Maybe this is the appropriate song for this article:

Smile. Your life is full of magic. We have given a miracle and we should do the right steps. 

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