Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Do not ever lose yourself

Danielle LaPorte once said: "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?". Looking at this quote made me so moved. It's just true. We all lost our real selves and it's difficult to look back to find them. I just can't stop reading it. It literally made me cry when I saw it and I constantly wanted to write about it. I can't remember who I was! And either you! And that's not our fault since everyone since the day we were born told us what to do with our lives. So many opinions were born and so much controversy that you had no idea what to do or who was right. Well, the right one was the one who said things that didn't affect you. Everyone said their opinions to you and you couldn't just say what you thought. And now it's too late. Or maybe not! You don't need to look for who you truly are, you are who you are now. Reading this quote will make you understand that you just have to be you and be the kind of person you wanted to be, you want to be and you will be. The one who is not affected by no one. The one that has made his own unique steps in life alone using the help of those who never saw you the answer but how you will find it. And when you enter the right path they will be happy with you and for you. Just do not forget those words: BE YOURSELF. No one can change you if you don't let them. But if you did, it's never late to be you again. So just ask yourself the question that Miss LaPorte said and find the right path and the people you'll get with. But do not delete anyone, everyone will be helpful for this trip!

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